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new year
This is gay porn star Ben Dodge.

Ben Dodge's claim-to-fame is the fact that he's very, very hairy. He's handsome, he has a nice body, he's chunky but he's also muscular, and he has a thick cock. He's a top, too, which a lot of men enjoy.

But have you noticed?

Look, Ben Dodge's claim to fame is his body hair. Dark handsome men are a dime a dozen in gay porn. Even muscular, hairy men are pretty common these days. Ben Dodge's sole raison d'etre is that he's very, very hairy. All over.

So why trim the pubes?

I'm staggered by that. Why trim the pubic hair?????????? What's the point?? I just... I mean.... I can't explain that.

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Guh, that video where he fucks the pizza "boy" is more reliable than the sun.

Reliable at getting the job done.

He comes off as a dumb, lumbering, brutal beauty with a log cock and painfully insincere camera theatrics. Despite a sketchy "pizza boy" and terrible camerawork, it's a great tape.

not to be too predictable, but this is the mainstream conception of chunky now?

Yes. Anything short of 10 percent body fat is "chunky." He has love handles, and that's "chunky" in gay porn.

A guy can be 30 pounds overweight in real life, and look normal. You can't make him 30 pounds underweight and consider him normal. He's "too skinny."

In gay porn, nothing can be out of the very, very narrow definition of "normal" any more. Gay porn used to be about celebrating differences -- black, white, tall, short, hairy, smooth, mustachioed, clean-shaven, rural, urban, poor, rich. Now it's about sameness.

This is progress???? I want no part of it.

i see your argument, but i can't really relate as I have not watched any for-pay gay (non-chub) gay porn for years. When in school, I watched alot of 70s porn and a fair amount of 80s porn, although "LA Tool or Die" was the highlight from the gay side of things.

it saddens me that sexual representation in mainstream gay porn circles is becoming so narrow, as I do see porn as a vital part of a young person's sexual self-discovery. It makes me sad for chubby and other non-"normal" gay men to look for porn for cues on "what is hot" and not see anything approaching themselves or, in many cases, nothing approaching what they want.

It's a part of what makes kids talk about "not being into gay things" or not being into the scene, or even the oft-quoted "into straight-acting men like myself." It's about them both not seeing a gay life that they connect with, that looks similar to them, or that allows them any sexual space.

Thankfully, mainstream gay for-pay porn is no longer the only outlet for representation, but I am sure its a big one.

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