tim1965 (tim1965) wrote,

This is gay porn star Ben Dodge.

Ben Dodge's claim-to-fame is the fact that he's very, very hairy. He's handsome, he has a nice body, he's chunky but he's also muscular, and he has a thick cock. He's a top, too, which a lot of men enjoy.

But have you noticed?

Look, Ben Dodge's claim to fame is his body hair. Dark handsome men are a dime a dozen in gay porn. Even muscular, hairy men are pretty common these days. Ben Dodge's sole raison d'etre is that he's very, very hairy. All over.

So why trim the pubes?

I'm staggered by that. Why trim the pubic hair?????????? What's the point?? I just... I mean.... I can't explain that.

Tags: black hair, gay porn, hairy, muscle, photography, pubes
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