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A teenage boy was shot at the Anacostia Metro -- my Metro station -- late Saturday evening.

A fight between two small groups of African American teenagers started on a Green Line train. The groups boarded at Gallery Place (a popular spot of black teens to hang out in D.C. these days, although there's nothing there for them...just that Time Square atmosphere). They began arguing and then throwing punches. One group tried to exit at Anacostia, and the fight continued on the platform.

Then someone drew a gun.

An adult (e.g., he was 19) was arrested at the scene. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening.

This happens all the time in my area, unfortunately. Friday evening, I was riding Metro home about 6 p.m. Two giirls about 14 years old were in the rear compartment looking like they'd been through a tornado. Both were heavily scratched. They bragged to one another about having just participated in a knife-fight with a 19 year old girl who returned to their middle-school because she has friends there (I know, too weird). One had a huge chunk of her hair pulled out. They thought it was funny. Everyone else was sickened.

The level of gang activity in my rises and falls. Lately, it's been on a serious increase. The "Choppa City" gang was broken by the police after a year-long investigation. For a year, things were quiet. Now this "Vietnam and 17th NE" gang (who knows what the fuck that name means) is active in the area, marking their "territory" with permanent markers like dogs do trees.

Half of all black teens in D.C. drop out of school before high school. Another 20 percent drop out during high school. Only 10 percent go to college. Only one in three black men in my neighborhood will hold any kind of job in his life (temporary, part-time, full-time). Of those, only one in three will ever hold a full-time job.

When one-sixth of your black adult males will hold down a full-time job ever in his life, you may as well act like a rabid animal. Why not? You have nothing else to live for.
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