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Mavety Media Group will be closing all of its gay adult magazines on Friday, May 15. The affected publications include All Man, Black Inches, Honcho, Inches, Latin Inches, Mandate, and Playguy. Mavety will continue to publish its straight titles, which include Juggs.

No word yet on what will happen to the "special edition" Bel Ami or Badpuppy magazines that Mavety has been publishing each month.

The move marks the end of the gay adult magazine market. XXXShowcase went under late last year, taking with it the annual Adam Film World Gay Directory of Adult Films -- the "go-to" reference for all gay adult films published in a given year. Bound & Gagged went under in 2005 when it was unable to provide documentation for its models under rules issued in 2004 under Section 2257 of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988. Numbers ceased publication in 2002 after 24 years of continuous publication.

The demise of Mavety Media's gay adult magazine empire will leave just six general-interest gay porn magazines on shelves: Advocate Men (Regent Media), Blueboy (Global Media), Freshmen (Regent Media), Flava Men (FlavaWorks Productions), In Touch (Go West Media), Jock (Global Media Group), and Unzipped (Regent Media). A few specialty magazines (such a Bear, Bulk Male, and Instigator) also will continue to exist, focusing on niche markets. And it's not entirely clear any of them will survive, either. Specialty Publications already closed [2], it's explicit magazine featuring stills from gay porn movies, before the sale of parent company PlanetOut to Regent last year. Regent is not very happy that its purchase of PlanetOut included pornography. It's trying to unload the remaining three magazines as fast as it can.

Meanwhile, Global Media and Go West Media are not very strong. They've cut back the number of magazines they publish in the past decade, and have cut back on the number of issues they publish each year. The quality of their models is lower, the quality of the photography is much lower, the quality of the printing is really really low. FlavaWorks publishes just one magazine, and will soon have the African American market all to itself.

No company publishes an all-Asian gay porn magazine at present. With the demise of Mavety, no company will publish an all-Latino gay porn magazine.

God... It feels like I've lost a child. This is devastating news.

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oh my god! that really is devastating!
**shakes head and cries**

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