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Anyone else remember Steve Hammond?

I do. He was supposed to be the "Next Big Thing" in the mid-1980s. Jeff Stryker butt-fucked him bareback in 1986 in only the third Jeff Stryker film to be made, Stryker Force.

The film is wonderfully notorious. Director Matt Sterling actually appears in the film's opening scenes as the "Father" who sends sons Jeff Stryker and Steve Hammond on a mission to find his lost treasure (no, I do not make this shit up). The two wacky kids hate each other, of course. The film's first scene is a powerhouse sizzler: Former U.S. Marine Jim Pulver (then at the height of his physical, sexual, and charismatic power) plows this one-shot-wonder named Ted Dowell in a railroad car. The look of pain and ecstasy on Dowell's face as Pulver's massive penis rams its way into him (Pulver actually lays on top of him to hold him down) is nothing short of wondrous. Afterward, homophobe Steve Hammond and two other guys try to gay-bash the two public-sex lovers. Jeff Stryker, in possibly the worst display of fake martial arts since Kentucky Fried Movie, beats them up.

For reasons which are never explained, Stryker next heads for the jungles of... who knows? Some jungle continent. He's accompanied by Doug Cory (a blond, muscle-bound lump of flesh who is about as animate as sludge) and twinky, hung brunette Robert Harris (a real workhorse porn star of the 1980s who did 50 or so films). Stryker is followed by Steve Hammond and his flunky, Kevin Williams. Both groups are spied on by the "Jungle Boy" -- the furry, twinky, well-hung gay porn star Gavin Jeffrey.

Anyone alive in the 1970s knows Gavin Jeffrey. His actual name was Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, and he got started in gay porn as an 18-year-old. It was an act of rebellion at a time when doing gay porn under your real name was a death-sentence for any career you wanted. Gavin challenged that. He starred in the legendary gay porn film Track Meet, where he showed off his high school track star skills. He waited 10 years to do his next film, and in the meantime slept his way through Hollywood. He became a rather accomplished poet, and then returned to adult film to do JO scenes for Stryker Force. He's awesome!!

Anyway, it rains. Jeff Stryker fucks Robert Harris and Doug Cory up the ass. It stops raining. Steve Hammond fucks Kevin Williams up the ass. Steve Hammond falls into quicksand, and is rescue by Jeff Stryker. They give up and go home. Stryker and Hammond fall into one another's arms, and Hammond takes it up the ass from Jeff Stryker. The End.

Hammond's bottoming is allegedly a stunt-butt, but it's difficult to see how. By now, we should know whose asshole that is, and yet no one can really say. (It's very clear, for example, in Idol Eyes that that is not Ryan Idol's cock slamming up Joey Stefano's tight Italian asshole but rather David Ashfield's. Idol couldn't be bothered to fuck another man until two films and four years later.)

Stryker Force was a big hit, it being a Jeff Stryker film and starring a massively built blond mega-hunk.

Steve Hammond, however, bailed from gay porn for two years.

He returned in 1988, his star power greatly diminished, and went to work for Falcon. He did three relatively decent films (Mission Accomplished, The Pledgemasters, and Touch Me) and two amazingly awful ones (The Next Valentino and Young Gladiators). And then he bailed from gay porn again.

Having lost most of his hair, he then re-appeared eight years later to do a really bad sequel (Das Butt 2) to a really good gay porn film (Das Butt). Then he disappeared again.

I kind of liked Steve Hammond, when he wasn't trying to act, be a big-name star, or be tough. He had an easy-going, toothy smile that was pretty endearing when he was sincere about smiling. He had a smooth, muscular body with rounded rather than sharp edges. No abs, which made his too-big pecs and shoulders and delts more tolerable. He had a sweet dick, when he could get it hard. And, frankly, seeing him act tender and gentle in the arms of another man was probably the best thing he ever did on film. He looked natural doing that.

It's rare to find good images of Steve Hammond. He did a Playgirl layout (back in the day when Playgirl insisted that every single man in its pages was hetero hetero hetero), and it was a real scandal as he had already done gay porn and taken it up ass from Jeff Stryker. But even his Playgirl shots aren't that great. He did almost no layouts for gay porn magazines. Those that he did turned out very poor. Almost none of the photographers and porn studios working back then felt that porn photography was anything but junk. So junk is what they produced (more often than not).

I was thrilled to find two good images of Hammond.

Below are some which are good, most of which are bad, and one of Gavin Geoffrey Dillard so you can see why I want him to bugger me senseless.

Steve Hammond filmography
Advocate Men Live 5: Prime Time (Malibu Sales, 1990)
Das Butt 2: All Hands On Dick (Hollywood Sales, 1998)
Mission Accomplished (Falcon, 1990)
The Next Valentino (Bijou Video, 1988)
The Pledgemasters (Falcon, 1989)
Stryker Force (Huge Video, 1986)
Touch Me: It's Hot It's Tender (Falcon, 1988)
Young Gladiators (HIS Video, 1988)

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What ever became of Hammond?

Other than making that very bad 1998 comeback? I don't know.

He had had a wordless cameo in the 1988 Anthony Edwards/Mare Winingham film Miracle Mile (he played a personal trainer who is trying to escape the nuclear holocaust like everyone else, and keeps showing up over and over without saying a word).

Other than that... The best guess would be he has a sugar-daddy.

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