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In 1990, 20-year-old Billy Houston made his adult film debut. Blue-eyed, twinky, with floppy straight brown hair and a winning smile, he worked primarily for YMAC over the next few years. His first film, Stroke of Affection, went unnoticed. But he blasted into the stratosphere of adult film stardom with his second film, the now-classic The Devil and Danny Webster. Unfortunately, YMAC didn't really know how to exploit Houston, a bisexual performer who seemed emotionally distant from his co-stars. His third film, Headbangers, portrayed him as a "young rocker boy" -- but Houston's lackluster personality made that appear ludicrous. He made no films in 1993: While back home in Oklahoma City, he was slightly injured on June 24, 1993, during a drive-by shooting. At the time, police felt that the shooters were aiming only at the two men they did hit. But it turns out he was more involved than they thought... (See below.) In 1994, Houston returned to adult film in the now-infamous Junior Varsity. He fucked 14-year-old underage porn star Jeff Browning in that film. Portions of his scenes were included in the following year's Junior Varsity 2.

And after that..... nothing.

In 2002, a muscular, hairy-chested, 40-something gay porn star began working for Bacchus Releasing and using the name "Billy Houston." But it wasn't the same person (although many adult film databases confuse the two).

Billy Houston filmography
Devil and Danny Webster, The (Avalon/YMAC, 1991)
Headbangers (YMAC, 1991)
Hip Hop Hunks (Avalon/YMAC, 1995)
Junior Varsity (YMAC, 1994)
Junior Varsity 2 (YMAC, 1955)
Private Invitation of Billy Houston (YMAC, 1992)
Strip Pool (AVI, 1992)
Stroke of Affection (YMAC, 1990)
Toweling Off (YMAC, 1994)

So............................ Whatever happened to Billy Houston?

His real name is Darrell Lynn Madden.

In the late 1990s, Madden arrested and convicted in California of transporting drugs across the state. He was put on probation. He returned to his home town of Oklahoma City, Okla., shortly thereafter. Deeply troubled, prone to violence, involved with drugs and gangs, he worked most of the time as a gay hustler. He obtained a realtor's license, but never completed the requirements for the final exam. He was convicted of burglary in 2001 and served a two-year prison sentence at the Dick Conner Correctional Center. His realtor's license was revoked in 2003 after the state discovered he'd lied about his California drug conviction. In 2004, he bought a used police car and used it to impersonate a police officer -- stopping motorists on empty streets, claiming they were in violation of some law, and then taking cash from them as "payment" for the "ticket" he had issued. He then sold the car but never delivered it to the buyer. He was also charged with animal cruelty for shooting a neighbor's sheep. Madden fled to Mexico and sold the car to raise cash, but was persuaded to return to Oklahoma by family members. In return for pleading guilty to impersonating a police office and fraud, other charges were dropped. He served a two-year prison sentence at the Jess Dunn Correctional Center.

While at the Conner Correctional Center, Madden met Bradley Qualls. Qualls was 10 years younger than Madden, biracial, and serving a five-year sentence for burglary. The two became prison lovers. When Qualls was released from prison in 2006, he and Madden began living together in a mobile home.

While at Dunn Correctional Center, Madden was recruited into the United Aryan Brotherhood. The United Aryan Brotherhood is considered to be a gang whose members only exist in prison. Inside prison walls, the gang engages in the prostitution of other inmates, extortion, murder-for-hire, and drug dealing. But hate-group monitors say that inmates leaving the prison system increasingly are exporting the group's beliefs to the outside world. It is alleged to have about 15,000 members nationwide.

Madden claims he was initiated into the gang for killing a man. Madden bragged to FBI agent Craig Overby on November 16, 2007, that he had killed this man while Qualls watched. He also added a large number of Aryan-related tattoos to his body, including swastikas, Satanic images, an image that says "God’s grace is the white race," and an image that sayd "KI Squad Skinhead." Madden even claimed he was a general with the United Aryan Brotherhood.

But police say it is not clear that Madden ever underwent initiation. They certainly never found any evidence of the murder he is alleged to have committed. Experts also say that Madden's life as a gay hustler and his love affair with the biracial Qualls would have disqualified him from membership in the gang. Additionally, law enforcement officers say, there simply was not enough time between Madden's 2006 release and his subsequent crime spree in 2007 for him to have risen so high, so quickly in the gang hierarchy.

But Madden was certainly telling his lover that he was a gang general. And then it came time for Qualls to be initiated...

They decided to target a gay man, because Madden had experience with gay men due to his time in adult film. Madden and Qualls dressed as male prostitutes on October 26, 2007. They went to the 39th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue area of Oklahoma City, where several gay bars are located. They may have seen 62-year-old Steven Domer leave one of the bars and followed him. Eyewitnesses later said that they saw Madden and Qualls talking to Domer at a car wash on Pennsylvania Avenue. Police later speculated that Domer invited the two men into his car and probably was taking them home for sex.

Madden later admitted that he and Qualls subdued Domer (who didn't fight back), and tied him up. They drove around Oklahoma City for several hours in the dark, taking turns beating Domer and threatening to rape and kill him. They drove to the suburb of Ardmore, Okla., and spoke with a member of the Chaos Squad Skinheads, another white supremacist group. They then crossed the border into Texas, visited a porn store, and then returned to the McClain County trailer park where they lived. On the way home in the early hours of October 27, Madden and Qualls decided to kill Domer, because he could identify them. Qualls used a coat hanger to choke Domer. He kept the choke-hold on the older man for 15 minutes. Madden and Qualls dumped Domer's body into a creek in a steep ravine near I-35 and Ladd Road, north of the small town of Purcell, Okla. They left his car at the top of the ravine, and set fire to it.

Domer's worried brother and sister quickly alerted the police to their brother's disappearance. The police located Domer's burned-out car on October 29. A hunter found the body in the ravine on November 4.

Meanwhile, police began searching the nearby area for suspects. There were no other tire marks in the area near Domer's car, which led law enforcement officers to think that the murderer(s) fled on foot. That meant they had to live close by. Domer's friends said that Domer often picked up young men for sex, and the police began focusing on young men in the nearby area. Amazingly, Domer's car was less than a mile from Madden and Qualls' mobile home.

Meanwhile, Madden apparently couldn't shut up about how happy he was about the killing. A friend overhead Madden bragging to another skinhead about beating up someone "who wouldn't fight back." Madden's sometime-girlfriend also later said that she overhead Madden and Qualls talking about killing a man.

But the stress of murder was apparently getting to Qualls. Qualls was increasingly nervous, certain that the police were onto him. He did not want to return to jail, and did not want to face the death penalty for murder. On November 7, 2007, Madden and Qualls went to a female friend's house at the Huntington Falls Apartments in Ardmore. The two men arrived about 5:30 P.M. and were quarrelling intensely. They stopped in front of the building, and eyewitnesses said that Qualls was clearly high on drugs, highly anxious, and scared. Two minutes after arriving, Madden pulled out a semiautomatic weapon and shot his best friend multiple times. Qualls died immediately. Madden fled to the Skate land skating rink on North Commerce street, and attempted to carjack several motorists in an attempt to flee. Madden fired at the police; the police shot back, and hit him in the arm. Madden was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove the bullet and repair the wound to his arm.

Police immediately suspected that Madden and Qualls were involved in the Domer murder, due to the proximity of their home to the crime scene, their age, and Madden's previous involvement in gay adult film. On Friday, November 9, Darrell Lynn Madden was charged with first-degree murder and five counts of assault and battery. When police searched his home, they found a notebook labeled "Hitler Letter," duct tape, and a burnt coat hanger. Oklahoma City police later speculated that Madden killed Qualls to make sure he didn't talk about the Domer killing, but admitted they could never prove that. While in the hospital, Madden threw a TV remote control, hot soup, a bottle of urine, and other items at two police officers. After being released from the hospital and held in the Oklahoma City jail, he attacked and spit on two guards.

But Madden's bravado broke down over the next year. In an Oklahoma City courtroom in late November 2008, he pled guilty to killing Qualls and then wept pitieously before the judge. He was sentenced to life in prison. A few weeks later, in December 2008, Madden pled guilty to kidnapping, torturing, and killing Steven Domer. He was sentenced to four life terms in prison. He also pleaded guilty to three counts of shooting with intent to kill, for which he received three consecutive 10-year sentences. He was sentenced to two more life terms in prison for assaulting the guards at the Oklahoma County jail. Oklahoma law requires Madden to serve 85 percent of his total sentences before being eligible for parole. Thus, he will never be released, and is guaranteed to die in prison.

Before his second court date, Madden spent 30 minutes with Mort Domer, Steven Domer's brother. Madden apologized twice; Domer forgave him for killing his brother. Mort Domer later said that he saw no evil in Darrell Lynn Madden's eyes.

Madden is currently incarcerated at the Davis Correctional Facility (DCF) in Holdenville, Oklahoma. It is a medium security private prison under contract to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

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I've seen a couple of the flicks you mentioned.

Not sure why I tend to be surprised when I hear about bad situations porn actors eventually find themselves in, but I often am.

Most of them don't end up in a bad way, you know.

Remember Damien, the mono-named Italian stud from the early 1990s? He partnered with one of his co-stars. They bought Bette Davis' old bungalow home, renovated it, and are happy house-flipping realtors today.

Steve York, that 5'3" tall '80s performer with the 11" dick, got married to a girl, had two kids, and started a salsa company.

Derrick Stanton married a mega-hot Asian guy, got into labor union work, and ran a major organization helping LGBTQ people at work.

Furry muscle '80s star Chad Johnson quit the industry and became a successful hair salon stylist, one of the better ones in Los Angeles.

Ray Dragon is a successful clothing designer.

Bryan Kidd quit adult film and became a junior high school teacher.

Ryan Yeager is an environmental engineer.

Chris McKenzie is a technology guru in San Francisco, and helped invent the 3D jpeg you see used in online web sites today.

So when you read about these adult film actors who sink into god-knows-what and end up really wounded, really devastated, utterly warped and twisted by life....... it stinks. It hurts. You hurt for them.

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