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I've seen a couple of the flicks you mentioned.

Not sure why I tend to be surprised when I hear about bad situations porn actors eventually find themselves in, but I often am.

Most of them don't end up in a bad way, you know.

Remember Damien, the mono-named Italian stud from the early 1990s? He partnered with one of his co-stars. They bought Bette Davis' old bungalow home, renovated it, and are happy house-flipping realtors today.

Steve York, that 5'3" tall '80s performer with the 11" dick, got married to a girl, had two kids, and started a salsa company.

Derrick Stanton married a mega-hot Asian guy, got into labor union work, and ran a major organization helping LGBTQ people at work.

Furry muscle '80s star Chad Johnson quit the industry and became a successful hair salon stylist, one of the better ones in Los Angeles.

Ray Dragon is a successful clothing designer.

Bryan Kidd quit adult film and became a junior high school teacher.

Ryan Yeager is an environmental engineer.

Chris McKenzie is a technology guru in San Francisco, and helped invent the 3D jpeg you see used in online web sites today.

So when you read about these adult film actors who sink into god-knows-what and end up really wounded, really devastated, utterly warped and twisted by life....... it stinks. It hurts. You hurt for them.

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