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I miss Joey Hart
new year

I miss Joey Hart.

Joey was a gay adult film star from South Dakota. Bullied as a youth, he left his home town at the age of 18 and came to Washington, D.C. Intelligent, skilled at computer programming, and exceptionally creative in the graphic arts, he had a superb future in front of him. He met the future gay porn star Talvin DeMachio, and they began dating. Talvin, however, got into the adult film industry and did not tell Joey. It broke Joey's heart to find out what Talvin was doing. After much discussion, Talvin and Joey agreed that Joey should enter adult film, too. Their discussion was much like lovers who agree to sleep with other people.

The effect on Joey was not a positive one. A true grower, not a shower, Joey had a sizeable penis and could both top and bottom (although I believe he wanted to bottom most of the time). Although Joey had very furry legs, and slight body hair, he was quite slender and twinky. That grated on him. The effects of his childhood bullying (people called him "Mutt" and attacked his looks) led him to start lifting weights. He quickly bulked up, adding massive lats and radically improving his quads, biceps, and triceps. By the end of his adult film career, his body had bulked up completely out of proportion.

Joey escorted some. But he admitted to friends that this fucked with his head, and made him deeply depressed. Not so Talvin: DeMachio became one of the most notorious hookers in the United States. Slurping down Viagra like they were Chicklets, DeMachio often slept with eight to 10 men a day, supporting his large family with his escort work. Joey couldn't handle that, and they ended their relationship.

Joey had a number of problems. Kent Barclay, a psychotic stalker, engaged in tortious business inteference -- calling clubs where Joey was to strip or go-go dance and pretending to be Joey... cancelling appearances. Joey's income from personal appearaances plummeted due to this interference.

As Joey bulked up into a balloon, his adult film work tapered off. He no longer was the cute boy next door; now he was just another muscle-bot. His self-esteem took a really big hit. He'd set up a terrific Web site, and was selling photographs, videos of himself, and other things. But the site took so much time and energy, and paid too little. He switched jobs quite often, but soon prospective tech employers stopped hiring him because they were concerned with the lack of seniority and constant job-switching.

About 2001, Joey gave up on D.C. He moved to New York City, and tried to re-establish his life there.

I miss Joey Hart. He was a good friend, and a gentle, kind-hearted person. I miss those eyes, and the way the laugh-lines formed around them when he was grinning. I miss that smile, those freckles, that voice, that sweet nature. I never slept with him. Once, he was willing to do so -- but under circumstances that I felt were not good, and felt would be taking advantage of him. I did not do it. Some might say that I should regret that. I don't. I wish he would have asked under different circumstances. Joey was real husband material.

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You speak of him as if he had died. Not that I follow most US deaths, but is he still on this side of the sod?

Oh, he's very much alive. Just completely gone from my life, and I miss him intensely.

Oh honey, PLEASE!!! I worked with this HOT MESS at AOL and he got FIRED for bringing pornography into the workplace! He was unprofessional and a total whore....

I remember when that happened. He also got caught taking photos of himself in the office dressed just in a harness and jockstrap. Remember that?

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