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Thanks for sharing it with public. It's so sad but those who can feel sadness are true people.
I think he knows now that he's remembered even from beyond.

Someone should remember him. He is absolutely, totally worth remembering.

God.. This article made me cry... Sucks... This kid was so young and it's so unfair what happened to him ;(

thanks for the author though, I learned a lot

I shall remember him on every 11th September, such a tragic life story!
Thank You for Shareing

Thank you for this sharing Chris Williams story! I know he has been gone for 23 years but his story had to be told and the way you did it was so special. For only a 24 year old boy, he saw so much misery and manipulation but his videos will live on forever! I had read your article like 5 times as it moves me every time! I wish someone was there to be his friend and guide him but his death was not in vain! Thank You again!!!!

You're welcome, Paul. It was a really sad story.

Unfortunately, his legacy is being dismantled. The Lesbian and Gay Unit of the D.C. police has been slowly disbanded by the current police chief, Cathy Lanier. Its staffing was cut, and cut, and cut again, and it is largely moribund. This unit was the major legacy of Chris' death. He was -- let's be honest -- tortured by D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department and a false confession torn from him. The LGBT unit was created to give LGBTQ people an advocate within the police force itself, and to help avoid the kind of things which befell Chris at the hands of the cops. That unit is now gone.

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