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I miss Rod Garetto.

Garetto was a Hispanic gay porn star -- one of the first. He made his first film in 1987 when he was 21 years old, and by the time he retired in 2006 he had (according to the Internet Adult Film Database) 117 titles under his belt. He was an immediate icon: He was only 5'8" tall, but he had a swept-back shock of black hair and a gaucho-like Mexican-style mustache which framed his upper lip. His nipples were red and small and erect, and his body incredibly smooth and supple. His skin was like oiled marble...smooth, translucent, glistening. He had a wild thatch of jet-black pubes which were never trimmed or manipulated in any way, and out of it thrust a huge cock.

Circumsized, Garetto's cock was a monstrous eight-incher as thick as it was long. The head was a gigantic bulbous torturer. His penis was so incredibly large that it never thrust into the air. Fully erect, it hung straight down between Garetto's legs like a gun, slung in a holster, ready to bring pain and death.

He had an extremely large, full nutsack which was trimmed but never shorn. He had great legs, and a dazzling smile that just made you want to smile back and do anything he wished.

Garetto rarely spoke on film. It's not entirely clear why. It's rumored he had a terrible Mexican accent, but in the few scenes where he does speak he seems not to have any accent whatsoever. He never seemed to have good diction, though, and had a bit of a lisp -- which may have been the real reason for his lack of dialogue. better to have people assume you're a screaming, flaming queen than to open your mouth and remove all doubt (Bobby Blake, call your office).

Garetto was usually a top in his films. But he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and loved big, hard prick in his mouth. He could be a wonderful ejaculator, delivering long, steaming streams of rich semen several feet through the air. he could fuck very well, almost it was clear in nearly every film that his co-stars were in deep pain from the obscene size of his member and that he could not pound at them the way he longed to. He could be fucked, and was a few times. But he tended to be rigid and frozen while taking it up his delightfully muscular, firm ass. He loved to rim, and didn't mind having the favor returned one damn bit.

His first movie was either "Fantasy Boys" (Stud, 1987) or "Latin Men" (Bijou, 1987), both of which were released in 1987. Openly bisexual, Garetto immediately made the leap to straight porn in 1988 with "Bright Lights, Big Titties" (Caballero Home Video, 1988). It was one of three films he did that year. He did a many, many more -- most of them bizarre films of Garetto fucking obese women or she-males. He did his first bisexual feature film, "Bi-mistake" (Vivid, 1989), in 1989. That was just one of a whopping 16 movies he made in 1989. He made 17 more the following year, and 21 in 1991. He started tapering off after that: 11 movies in 1992, 12 in 1993, 9 in 1994, 8 in 1995, 8 in 1996. Four came in 1997, just three in 1998. He made one movie in 1999, and one in 2000. He retired from the industry, but came back in to do a film in 2005. He's not made anything since.

Garetto rarely worked for A-list studios. He never did any films for Falcon, All Worlds, Catalina, Sierra Pacific, Studio 2000 or any of the others. His was a world of B-list movie studios, and he did most of his work in the trenches for companies like Stallion Video, Totally Tight Video, Totally Tasteless Video, and Filmco. He did three JO-only scenes for Old Reliable, though -- some of his best work.

Garetto turned out about 15 a year from 1989 to 1993. He'd been in the business 12 years by the time his output slowed, and although he was one of gay porn's most easily recognized stars most people didn't know his name or had not seen his films. He did a transsexual film ("Sex Change" [New Age Pictures, 1999]) in 1999, and a big-tit straight porn film ("Big Boob Bangeroo 20 [Totally Tasteless Video, 2001]) in 2001. His final effort (to date) was a gay bondage film, "Bound To Please 1" (Bacchus Releasing, 2005), in 2005.

I used to wish wish wish wish that there had been a Rod Garetto dildo, so I could fuck myself with it and moan his name as I ejaculated. I used to fantasize about his smooth, slick, taut body on top of me...his hard nipples pressed into my skin as he fucked me the way he longed to fuck other men. I used to spend nights fantasizing about turning him on so much that his monstrous prick would stand up straight in the air. I used to jack off, wishing I could feel his thick, wonderful bush against my sensitive asshole as he ground his gigantic dong inside me. When I learned he'd done straight porn, he broke my heart. And then I fantasized about being such a good lover to him that he'd turn gay and never look at another woman ever again.

I miss Rod Garetto. A lot.

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He always had the hottest "monobrow" in porn.

No, I'm not being sarcastic.

It makes me swoon.

Well that and his beautiful cock.

Garetto always had this long face, with strong, blunt features. That large, blunt chin. Some people call it a "horseface," others "prognathic." That full mouth. The slightly almond-shaped eyes.

Yet, I found him inexcusably handsome, too. *blush*

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